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brows and lashes

Wax, tweeze and trim to the perfect brow shape. Appropriate brow shape and tint appointments should be every 3-4 weeks to best maintain the integrity of the shape.



Brow Shape

Shape & Henna

Brow Henna Only

Henna Color Enhancer


Brow Lift/Lamination

Results last 6-7 weeks.


w/ Shape

w/ Shape and Henna

*Please note, clients who have not kept up with brow shape appts after 8 weeks, will results in a $5 upcharge due to time it takes your artist to reshape brows.









Lash Tint

YUMI Keratin Lash Lift:

A lash enhancement to lift, curl and tint natural lashes. The boosting & lifting effect last 7-8 weeks.

Add Brow Shape & Henna






First time clients: At your initial appointment you

will receive a consultation, brow mapping, color swatching, numbing if needed followed by the procedure.


Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that creates natural looking hair-like strokes with the use of a manual tool. Pigment is implanted into the epidermal layer of the skin enhancing or correcting the shape, fullness and definition of your natural eyebrow. 

Choose between Microblading strokes or Ombre shading technique. 


The first session includes a “touch-up” appointment that will need to be done one month after procedure.

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